Startifacts.com was created at the beginning of 2016 by a couple based out of Houston, Texas with a common goal – to create an epic all-encompassing resource on personal grooming.

Then, Startifacts happened. The name is basically a vaguely compressed form of – starting with personal grooming facts.

I’m Josh Cullen, and the name of my beautiful wife is Julia.

Each one of us have different zones of special interest within personal grooming, and it helps us to come up with the most comprehensive guides and articles online about various sub-topics of personal grooming. I mostly handle the men’s side of things while she takes care of the female’s topics.

As Startifacts is a fairly new site, we welcome all your suggestions and feedback about our site. Please feel free to get in touch with us through our contact page if you want to leave your message for us.

Team Startifacts