Best at Home Hair Laser Removal – Top Options Compared

Laser treatment is a semi-permanent solution to body hair. If you’re tired of waxing, shaving or epilating once or twice in every month, mulling over an alternative approach wouldn’t be a bad idea. With summer around the corner, the official season for customary stroll in the beach in bathing suits is about to descend upon. Unless you’re planning to spend the entire season in caftan or burkha, it’s high time you think about a solid solution for your hairy arms, legs and of course, the bikini line. I understand why many of you aren’t very convinced by the idea of using HLR on your skin. There are a host of myths surrounding laser treatment that’s causing apprehension.

I am here to burst the myths and open up the facts about laser hair removal. First of all, yes, laser treatment doesn’t hurt like needles, the reaction varies from person to person. Although, there would be scant pain in the initial period. Two, laser hair removal is not a temporary solution, rather it’s a long-term one. Laser beams break the active growth cycle of your hair and damage the hair follicles, which reduces the recurrence of normal hair growth. If you’re sure about trying HLR, this article covers all the how-to's and know-hows to help you successfully operate a laser hair removal device at your home.

Best Home Laser Hair Removal - Handpicked Choices

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Reviews of the Best at Home Laser Hair Removal Machines

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System

Editor Rating:

The Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System devises the light-based system of IPL technology to help you obtain a permanent solution for abundant body hair. 

Hair armpits and bikini line could call for embarrassment if you dare to go sleeveless without deforesting the bush. Lumea’s special laser technology is capable of delivering up to 75% reduction in the hair growth after 4 consecutive sessions. In order to figure out whether your skin and hair tone allows for favorable condition for laser treatment or not, it features a skin tone sensor.

There are 5 adjustable beam settings to help you select the most suitable level of power for your skin. The USP of the model is undoubtedly the fact that the unit functions up to 6 years without requiring replacement parts, that too complemented by a sleek, ergonomic design that is simple to handle even on the most hard-to-reach areas of human anatomy. Given the price of this amazing DIY laser hair removal kit comes at half the price of other models with similar features, Phips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System deserves a top spot in my list.

Remington iLight Pro IPL6000USA

Ariel Bath Platinum DA333F8

Editor Rating:

Remington is a big name in the market for men’s and women’s personal care products. The product description claims to provide a permanent solution to hairy arms and legs within 6 months.

iLight Pro is the company’s first venture into the rapidly growing market for DIY laser hair removal and it feels good to conclude that they have successfully managed to retain the reputation they have gained over the years of hard work and dedication. The user-friendly device replicates the décor of a professional grade hair removal machine used in posh salons.

Like all the other products in this list, this one too is an FDA certified model equipped with skin contact sensors and five energy levels to adjust the intensity of the laser beams. The incorporation of ultra-modern IPL (Intense Pulse Light) technology makes it a clinically proven solution for light and dark skinned people alike. The corded, rechargeable unit yanks out extra power for quicker results and lag-free optimization. Along with the handheld device, the product package also includes a replacement cartridge without any additional cost.

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

Editor Rating:

This FDA certified at home hair removal laser is a hugely popular brand among women all over the globe. The Laser 4X generated a lot of buzz when it first came in the market. 

Tria has a special place in my heart because it was the first equipment I dared to use after a lot of hesitation back in my teens. Tria 4X is packed with a truckload of up-to-date features to deliver silky smooth, supple skin from head to toe without nicking or causing any adverse skin reaction.

Its special professional-strength hair removal technology is clinically proven to reduce hair growth by 70% within the first three months of use. Tria laser focuses on the skin pigment and destroys the hair follicles to shun the chances of hair regrowth. People with brown to dark hair colour would gain optimal efficacy as the laser energy absorbs quickly by the follicles. The aesthetically pleasing design features a digital display and a pulse counter to make the DIY process fun and easily maneuverable for you.

Silk’N Flash & Go

Editor Rating:

Silk’N Flash & Go is the ultimate value for money deal for customers restrained by a tight budget. Allowing the sensitive spots of our boy to absorb laser beam could easily result in nightmare scenarios if are using the wrong device. 

Quality appliances will cost you a fortune and exceptionally pocket-friendly models are, to put it simply, a trash. Products like Silk’N Flash & Go are one of those exceptional instances that deliver optimal efficacy at a moderate budget.

The no-frills point-and-shoot design of the model is a big plus for an applicator that is to be handled by a non-trained person. The 4 cm2 wide treatment head of the equipment is ideal for both larger areas like legs and tighter crevices of bikini line and upper lip. It administers Intense Pulse light technology that minimizes the snapping or stinging sensation during the treatment. Many existing users have reported that they have experienced almost 80% reduction in hair growth after 8 weeks of treatment which is a remarkable achievement.

LumaRx IPL Hair Removal Device

Editor Rating:

The LumaRx IPL Hair Removal Device belongs to the category of upscale at home laser hair removal tools, capable of providing faster improvement by reducing body hair growth up to a whopping 94% in one month. 

LumaRx has been tested and recommended by many leading skin care professionals in several nations. The Intense Pulse Light technology, deemed the least invasive technology invented so far for permanent hair removal, is the cornerstone of this creation.

The convenient user interface, compact design and customized usability make it a perfect at home laser hair removal system for arms, legs, armpits as well as ultra-intensive areas like face and private region. The laser light works best on dark, dark brown and dark blonde hair. The 3 cm2 treatment window easily adapts with the constant change of contours. LumaRx IPL Hair Removal Device is an excellent solution for men as well who are willing to defuzz their hairy chest and back.

Remington iLight Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System

Editor Rating:

Remington iLight Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System is an absolute spot-on as a do-it-yourself LSR device. It provides a permanent solution to excessive body hair growth with tenderness and powerful laser impact. Its ultra flash rate helps you finish off with the fine hairs of bikini line and armpit in about a minute.

The treatment is virtually painless compared to the laser hair removal systems used at professional clinics.The only drawback in this otherwise brilliant model is that it cannot be used anywhere on the face. The unit is FDA approved only for arms, legs, chest, armpits and bikini line. Despite of the limitations, I couldn’t manage to find any real deal-breaker. The treatment’s powerful action starts exposing the natural skin texture and tone concealed underneath the hairy layer within a few weeks of beginning the routine. After the initial three treatments, the natural growth cycle of the hair will start reaching its expiry stage.

Tria Precision Laser

Editor Rating:

It is the more compact version of Tria Laser 4X, enabled with a flexible design that makes accessing difficult regions of your body less troublesome. The closely-packaged geometry of the equipment easily fits in your handbag when you’re out for a trip. 

This version uses the same IPL technology, preferred and recommended by dermatologists. The unit requires no replacement parts which adds to the longevity of the Precision Laser. It is solely crafted to target smaller and highly intensive areas of the body such as face, ears, under the neck, nipples, and pubic region.

The precision treatment can easily glide over the super tight folds of the bikini area which the 4 cm2 window of Laser 4X can’t accomplish without struggle. The cordless design doesn’t keep you chained to a wall with power outlet in vicinity, the lightweight frame fits firmly in your palm for enhanced maneuverability. However, Precison Laser suffers from the lack of adequate battery life and body area coverage, unlike its bulkier and mightier counterpart.

Is Hair Laser Removal Safe for You?

The answer should probably come printed in bold letters on the instruction manual of the products. Reputed brands won’t take the risk of recommending laser treatment to super sensitive areas like genitalia and face. However, given the current demand for HLR in the market, many top notch brands are creating advanced equipments suitable for bikini line as well as face. The most crucial factor to keep in view while pondering about the idea of HLR is to note your skin type and hair colour. Laser hair removal targets the breaks down the melanin in hair follicle. The process is effective only on black and brown hair. Most models won’t work on grey, blonde and red hair.

Laser hair removal is strictly not for those being diagnosed with severe hormonal problems and polycystic ovaries. Laser rays may trigger photosensitivity in certain skin types. Get a patch test by a licensed laser hair removal technician or a dermatologist to determine whether permanent hair reduction system is suitable for your or not. If you’re undergoing any sort of medication, don’t forget it to mention to your doctor.

How Does Laser Treatment Work?

Laser hair removal devices emit laser rays that work best when the hair is in its active growth cycle. The ray release heat that is absorbed by the delicate hair follicles. Not each and every hair on your body have the same growth cycle, which is why you have to apply multiple treatments to get a permanently hair-free body. Laser treatment is deemed an effective solution for people dealing with hirsutism (a disease that causes excessive body hair growth). Most at home laser hair removal appliances promises 60% reduction in hair growth in 3 to 4 weeks after the first treatment. The effectiveness increases from the second or third session.

Like instructions on the product manual would suggest, start using the treatment with the least sensitive area of the body, like armpit, and continue the treatment periodically to obtain maximum benefit without side effects. Though laser hair reduction is a permanent solution to body hair on paper, dermatologists have confirmed that the hair may grow back in the treated area due to sudden hormonal surge (a common phenomena occurring during and after pregnancy).

Effects of HLR on Different Skin Tones and Hair Colour

Laser hair epliation, like all the other means of hair removal, isn’t without its own share of limitations. The diaphanous hair follicles would absorb the rays only when there is at least a mild contrast between the skin complexion and hair colour. If your hair has different shades across its length, the shade closest to the root would be taken into account. Light to medium skin with light brown to dark hair are considered as the most suitable candidates for laser hair removal. Laser treatment will be less effective or take a long time to show visible results if your hair colour is blonde or red. At home laser hair reduction would be a futile attempt on grey or brown with patches of grey.

HLR isn’t at all safe for people with medium brown, brunette, ebony and black skin tone. As I have already mentioned before in the article, the laser energy targets melanin (the pigment responsible for skin complexion).If used on dark skin, it can cause horrible burns or worse, de-pigmentation. Do not use laser on birthmarks or tattoos (if you have any) before checking the suitability of the particular area with a skin tone sensor. If your skin tone ranges from white to light brown, you can safely try the treatment at home.

Preparing Your Skin for the Laser Hair Removal

To prepare your skin for the laser treatment, you need to make sure that the hair is in its active growth cycle and the best way to do so is to shave a day or two before the initialization of the HLR.

Although it may sound counteractive to shave right before the laser removal, it is a fruitful method to encourage the hair to enter its active growth stage. This ensures the laser energy targets the follicles beneath the surface for optimal benefit.

Avoid performing waxing or bleaching at least six weeks prior to the treatment. Laser devices work on the roots. Plucking the hair by the root wouldn’t leave any hair for the laser to focus upon.

The treatment would be useless if the shaft is totally bare. You can opt for alternative options like shaving or using an epilator to manage body hair as they clear the hair above the skin, the roots remain intact. For optimal efficacy, wipe the desired areas with a mild cleanser and pat it try. Don’t apply any moisturizer beforehand the treatment as it will log the skin pores.

Other Precautions

Try guarding your skin against direct exposure to the sun six weeks before the laser hair treatment. Excessive tanning may bring some unnecessary complications during the removal process. Tanned skin, in direct contact with laser rays, can develop blisters, rashes, burns and cause terrible stinging sensation.

Let me be honest, Laser hair growth reduction is not a painless way to go hair-free. Depending on your pain threshold, you might experience a sharp pinch like feeling on your skin. For the caffeine-addicts, kindly skip the cuppa on the day of your treatment. Caffeine is a stimulant, experts recommend the intake of something sedative, soothing before putting your skin under the laser heat. Drink a piping hot cup of herbal tea or fresh lime soda to calm your senses.

To achieve an absolutely hairless skin, you have to undergo at least 7-10 sessions of laser hair removal treatment, depending on how your skin responds to the treatment. After each session, you will notice a drastic reduction in the amount and volume of hair. It would gradually turn finer and lighter after the initial treatment, within 10-14 days, it will reach its shedding stage. During the shower, use a washcloth to gently wipe off the fallen bits of hair.

How to be Ascertained about the Safety of Your HLR Tool?

No matter which products appears promising due to the abundance of features, attractive design and ease of use, the most vital thing to pay your attention to is clinical approval of the product. If you’re going to use the machine on highly responsive areas like face and private parts, make sure the model is FDA cleared for face and the land of eternal darkness. Modern IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and colour-blind RF (Radio Frequency) have come up with a full-proof solution for the limitations for regular LSR technologies.

With the help of RF technology, the unit generates lower level of IPL that harmlessly removes unwanted hair on darker skin tones as well. These hi-tech treatments are naturally on the more expensive side of the cost spectrum but they are proven to work effectively on all types of skin tone and hair colour, which is practically worth the admission of a lump sum.

Hassle free Application

There’s no point in splurging on a DIY laser hair removal kit if you struggle with the technicalities of it. The best at home laser hair removal equipments have a highly user-friendly interface. A compact profile and clearly marked functional buttons constitute an ideal design for an at home laser hair remover. All you need to do is to push the power button to turn on the machine, configure the machine to the desired settings( viz. choose one from low, medium and high laser energy level), press the activation button and gently rub the laser head in a steady motion on the target spots and the rest will be taken care of.

Don’t adhere to the same area for too long, hold it still till a single pulse and move on to the next spot. Cover each desired portion 2-3 times (give at least 10 seconds pause before returning to the same spot). There will be a feeling of gentle pinching, a little warming sensation but no nicks or burns if all the instructions are followed correctly. The whole session would require approximately 30-40 minutes to complete. Start off with the armpits, and then gradually move on to the arms and legs and bikini area.

After effects of the Treatment

Different individuals will experience different outcomes since everyone has a unique body in the most technical sense of the term. There are a number of factors that determine how laser hair growth inhibition treatment will impact you such as the colour of the hair root, thickness of hair, size of hair follicles, skin tone and medical conditions. All these factors play a pivotal role in determining how quickly you will experience the results.


Laser hair removal has always been deemed too risky to be performed at home. But thanks to the magnanimous revolution in beauty care technology, HLRs can be used at home safely, provided you follow the manufacturer’s instructions between the lines. Always keep an eye open for FDA approved products while looking for the best laser hair removal. Not all of us possess the same skin type. In order to be assured whether your skin allows a favorable condition for laser treatment or not, always consult a dermatologist. If you abide by all the guidelines thoroughly, DIY laser hair removal could get you rid of annoying, prickly hair and reveal the beautiful, velvety smooth skin lying right within.

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