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The beard trend is in and how! For a die-hard beard enthusiast like me, every month is a self-declared no shaving month because we are too attached to our beard to let it go. There’s no denying that men with thick, well-groomed beard kill more women than Ebola with their looks. Taking care of the facial hair when it’s in its full bloom is an art not everyone can master. Untamed beard captures dust and dirt particles from air, resulting in pestering itchiness and beardruff (dandruff of facial hair). Applying beard oil regularly or at least on a bi-weekly basis provides a potent dose of nutrients to the hair.

The rich blend of carrier and essential oils not only deeply conditions the hair, promoting faster and healthier growth but also adds a nice gloss to it. If left unattended, beardruff causes terrible flakiness of the skin underneath the thick shaft, a thorough massage with a quality beard oil softens the skin surface, minimizes redness and makes it feel supple, free of pimples and acne. It’s not easy to tell a good beard oil from a crap one. The key to find the best beard oil is to know the ropes of the ingredients that go into the concoction. After burning the midnight oil for 2 consecutive days, I have managed to come with the in-depth reviews of the most reliable beard oils as well as the smartest hacks to select the best from the shelf.

Reviews of the Best Beard Oils


Beard Oil




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Mid Range

Leven Rose

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The Beard Legacy

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Mystic Man

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Smooth Viking Beard Oil

Smooth Viking

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Beardbrand Tea Tree Beard Oil

Editor Rating:

If you have a wild and messy beard that you’ve refused to cut for several months and have no immediate plans to do so, Beardbrand has a reputation for creating special products for beard maniacs like you. This Company has been in this business for decades and contributed a number of classy beard oil formulas to generations of beardsmen. 

The tag line on the oil bottle says “living on a Swiss mountain top and stepping out into the brisk morning air” which perfectly captures a soul-steering essence of the oil into words.

The major components of Beardbrand include jojoba oil, rapeseed oil, almond oil, grapefruit seed extract and essential oils to derive that intoxicating fragrance. The rich blend of multiple natural oils provides fine conditioning to the untamable whiskers without weighing it down. The crisp, subtle smell lingers on for almost an entire day, many seasoned folks have voted this product as the best-smelling beard oil of all time.

CanYouHandlebar Wisdom Beard Oil

Ariel Bath Platinum DA333F8

Editor Rating:

Wisdom Beard Oil has been showered with highly positive reviews on Amazon. The customers who have used it can’t seem to get over the woodsy smell that is manly yet not overpowering at the same time. The makers of Wisdom at CanYouHandlebar have managed to get the proportion of each ingredient just right.

The USP of this oil is the textbook perfect balance of a wide variety of carrier and essential oils such as argan, grapeseed, olive, apricot jojoba and cedar wood oil along with a generous dose of Vitamin E to improve the hair volume and texture. The rich blend of exotic herbal and flower extracts keep the itchiness and beardruff at bay and make it appear voluminous and healthier from root to tip.

Leven Rose Beard Oil

Editor Rating:

Leven Rose beard oil is available in three distinct fragrances viz. juniper sage, sandal wood and cedar wood along with an unscented version as well. The fragrance-free version is a mixture of only two carrier oils-jojoba and argon oil. As you already know by now, jojoba oil is the closest possible substitute of sebum, the naturally produced skin oil. 

The mild-natured, paraben-free beard oil made from 100% organic ingredients is safe to use on super sensitive skins. Massaging your beard and moustache with Leven Rose everyday or at least thrice a week will keep the hair follicles and scalp well-nourished. Beardruff, an inevitable outcome of extreme skin dryness, can also be attenuated. The reviewers have experienced incredible smoothness in the hair after using it for only a couple of weeks.

Art Naturals Organic Beard Oil and Leave-in Conditioner

Editor Rating:

The next product in my list is a beard oil and conditioner fused in one bottle. Taking good care of long and thick beard isn’t as straightforward as many men think. The longer it grows, complications like unmanageability, skin irritation and beardruff rise along. 

ArtNatural’s exclusive combination of Argan oil, imported from Morocco, spinosa, jojoba oil and Vitamin-E extracts stimulate the growth of hair, soothes the flaky skin underneath and last but not the least, takes the handsomeness of your beard to the highest level with its amazing texture enhancing properties. Another core advantage is that the oil is equally effective on all types of hair, be it coarse or fine. It is one of the top-rated beard oils on a number of online shopping stores, no wonder why.

The Beard Legacy Beard Oil

Editor Rating:

Here comes another gem from the house of beard grooming product stalwart - The Beard Legacy. The elegant blend of four vices, namely tobacco, hemp, coffee and hops, is accredited to the distinct, woodsy, refreshingly crisp nose of the oil. 

The proportion of jojoba and argan oil is pitch-perfect in the formula, which makes it neither too greasy nor neutral, the subtlety is appreciable. The light formula easily sinks into the coarse hair strands and gradually permeates the skin layer for quicker results. Some may find the scent a tad overpowering in the beginning but will get normalized within no time. Guys with sensitive skin won’t experience any side effects. A gentle application will convert your ratty, curly, uncontrollable lumberjack-type beard into a majestic flow of pin-straight, beautiful tresses.

Mystic Man Organic Beard Oil

Editor Rating:

Mystic Man Organic Beard Oil is made with a pantheon of rare Mediterranean herb extracts and organic oils. It contains sedr extract (ziziphys Spina Cristi), a natural hair remedy used in traditional means of hair treatment from ancient times. Any contemporary cosmetic brands have also made profuse use of sedr in their hair strengthening product formation.

Mystic man is a spot-on choice for any type of beard or skin irrespective of the length. The key features include skin hydration and frizz fighting. Long beard tend to develop frizz if not conditioned for an extended period. The exquisite ingredients of this oil detangles the mane, makes it velvety smooth, soft and shiny. The organic elements eradicate the build-up of bothersome gunk such as chemicals, pesticides and dirt particles in your hair.

Smooth Viking Beard Oil

Editor Rating:

The fine mositurising qualities of shea butter, mango butter, avocado oil, beeswax, castor oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil and a large range of pure essential oils set Smooth Viking several steps above the rest in this tremendously competitive industry. 

Shea and mango butter along with a beeswax base help holding the wild whiskers in position, relieves you from itching and flaky skin troubles, rejuvenates the facial hair from top to bottom, making it so silk that you can smoothly run your fingers along it. The 2 Oz bottle is the ultimate Gene in the lamp for men tired of long beard problems.

What is Beard Oil and Why Should You Use It?

Beard oil is specifically formulated for facial hair to promote faster, stronger and healthier growth. The presence of one or multiple essential oils doubles its benefit as a cologne. Splashing a few drops of beard oil hydrates the skin under the thick bush which, turning it soft and supple. The main beard problems men with long (measuring from 5 to 12 inches) are beardruff and itchiness. 90-95% of a beard oil formula is composed of carrier oils whose stellar healing properties reduce the miffing beardruff and the overwhelming urge to itch all day. Let me elaborate the benefits of using beard oil in details for your convenience.

Core Benefits of Beard Oil

The trend of giving a make-over by growing a stubble or full-face beard has set in and is here to stay. It’s relatively easier to maintain a 5 o’clock shadow look, problems like itchiness arises when the shaft length increases up to 3 inches and above. At the root of hair follicles reside a couple of sebaceous glands producing sebum oil, a natural nourishing oil for both the hair and the skin.

The thing is, the size of the glands doesn’t expand with the growth of the hair. The finite sized glands produce only a limited amount of sebum oil everyday which won’t suffice when the follicle length scales over 5 inches. As your beard continues to grow, the lack of adequate sebum oil would cause the hair and skin to dry out rapidly. This conundrum will lead to beardruff, which is nothing but the dry flaking of your skin. Beard oil acts like a natural supplement to sebum oil, feeding the skin surface and the hair follicles with important nutrients, moisturizing them to shoo away the menacing beardruff, itchiness along with retaining the hair texture and smoothness.

If you compare your beard with a garden, applying beard oil is like watering the plants. When you abstain from applying beard oil or any other sort of nourishment to the beard for a prolonged time, it traps the gunk from the environment and piles it underneath, creating a favourable ground for pimples, acne, clogged pores and so many other skin problems. Another perk of using beard oil is maintenance. Just like head hair, our beard are also prone to develop split ends, become ratty, unmanageable and rough. Anointing them with a rich blend of carrier oils, essential oils and vitamin-E oil would keep those whiskers off from flying, will restore the health and make it appear more glamorous than ever.

Why not Use a Moisturizer Then?

Many of you might have this question bubbling up in your minds. Beard oil and moisturizers have the same functions, correct but their way of doing them is pretty different. Most moisturizing lotions sold in the market are watered down oils. The presence of water-oil concoction at the root of your beard will release all the essential moisture from the hair and develop a breeding ground for bacteria. Beard oil, on the contrary, contains little to no water. The all oil-based high quality beard oils will lock the moisture inside the strands and skin to safeguard it against pollutants.

A Sneak peak inside the Beard Oil Formula

The most important aspect to ponder upon while selecting the best beard oil is the role of each and every ingredient used in preparing the potion. If a manufacturer doesn’t mention the ingredients on the product casing, take not a single second to put it back on the shelf. Beard oils are marketed with tags like “premium” and “economical”. The latter category contains only two to three primary oils and provides the basic benefits. The higher end counterparts contain a powerful blend of multiple oils to boost moisturization and rapid hair growth.

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are the key ingredients of any beard oil. They are named so because they help carrying the highly volatile essential oils to the skin pores. With carrier oils, the fragrance and therapeutic properties of essential oils won’t function to their optimal capacity. These are basically cold-compressed vegetable oils are typically extracted from seeds and nuts. Carrier oils are found in various beauty products other than beard oil such as face creams, lotions, soaps and shampoos. Being 100% natural, it renders excellent healing and moisturizing qualities. Here goes a list of the standard carrier oils found in every branded product.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil (botanical name: Simmondsia Chinesis) is derived from jojoba plant originating in Northern Mexico and Southwestern United States. The most incredible quality about this oil is its close structural resemblance to that of sebum oil. It looks like a golden liquid loaded with zinc, vitamin E and D which fortifies it with phenomenal cleansing, conditioning and anti-inflammatory properties. The light, non-allergenic oil is safe to use for any skin type and quickly gets absorbed by the follicles. Vitamin-E content gets your skin rid of acne, pimples and radicals that comes with ageing.

Argan Oil

Like jojoba oil, argan oil too possesses extremely high hydrating as well as damage repair qualities. Argan oil is basically sort of a liquid wax procured from a shrub that is argan tree, native to Morocco, Mohave deserts and parts of Sonoran. This balmy solution is enriched with Vitamin, A, E and Omega-6 fatty acids. Applying a few drops assures zero razor bumps, burns and redness. It also helps styling the beard easier by constricting the whiskers in position.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been traditionally used for cosmetic purposes since centuries. It has great moisturizing and hair loss prevention abilities. In many Asian countries, coconut oil is a staple hair massage oil, veterans believe it strengthens the hair from the root and gives it a healthy and shiny touch.

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is a must-have in beard oils. Grapeseed oil is created during the processing of wine. It has a high concentration of linoleic acid that’s profusely used in cosmetic products due to its stellar acne-fighting and moisture-retentive qualities.

Castor Oil

Castor oil, sourced from castor seeds has some amazing anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungus properties. It shields the scalp against the harmful UV rays, fights scalp dryness and well as split ends.

Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is a by far the most popular carrier oil in a beard oil formula. It deeply conditions the skin beneath the hair, replenishes the rough hair from root to tip, adds a fine gloss to it and most of all, and provides a well-proof solution for dry skin that itches all the goddamn time.

Vitamin E Oil

Mostly found in high-key products. If you’re serious about your beard, you should choose a beard oil with Vit-E extract in it. No other oil has the power to prevent premature graying as Vit-E oil. Produced from ingredients such as canola, soy and corn through distillation process, vitamin E performs as an antioxidant that boosts collagen and elastin production.

Essential Oils

In addition to carrier oils, sweet-smelling essential oils act as natural remedies on your skin. Sandalwood, tea tree oils are bundled up with terrific disinfectant properties. The antiseptic power of many essential oils clear out the skin pores to prevent acne and several other skin reactions. The characteristic aroma of beard oil comes from these concentrated volatile compounds. Depending on the intensity of fragrance, essential oils are classified as top note, middle note and base note oils. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of essential oils used in the making of beard oils:

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil has a soothing yet subtle manly scent along with phenomenal antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It doubles as an aftershave by minimizing the disasters like razor burns, nicks and rashes, except the fact that no shaving is involved in the first place. It is also considered by expert dermatologists as an astringent that helps tightening the skin.

Cedar wood Oil

Cedar wood oil belongs to the category of base note. Its special organic compound enhances the blood circulation under the skin surface and clears the toxic elements as well.

Fir Needle Oil

Fir-needle, apart from its beautiful woodsy scent, is also known for being an immune-stimulant and a nourishing agent for hair follicles.

Sandalwood Oil

This exotic oil is found only in premium beard oils, due to its rare availability and steep price. Apart from a heavenly fragrance, it helps opening clogged skin pores and combating acne and pimples.

Proper Ways to Apply Beard Oil

You need to know the correct technique of applying beard oil in order to obtain maximum effect. Before you get started with the massaging, you got to reflect upon two factors i.e. the length of your beard and the greasiness of the oil. Each oil has a different formula, some are high on vitamin-E, some are heavy and some are light.

Light oils come handy at the early stage of beard growth. When the short stubble slowly progresses towards full facial growth, men usually feel a tinge of discomfort. Mildly scented oils, enriched with Vit-E will help you get through this phase. Light oils easily penetrate the hair and get absorbed by the skin pores for faster remedy. As far as the amount is concerned, start with a humble 2-3 drops. Going overboard with it might result in greasiness.

When the strand length closes to 1 ½ inches, your beard falls under the category of medium length. Men who desire an intermediate zone between a short stubble and full-face beard resort to this style. Just about any type of beard oil will work on medium length facial hair. When you get past the intermediate stage, the beard starts to cover the entire cheek area, extending up to the upper neck. Beard aficionados will do everything to maintain the volume and shape of their beard. Growing a miniature Amazon on your face comes with its very own issues. You will need 4-6 drops of a weighty beard oil to tame those whiskers under control and ensure a healthy growth.

Before coming down to the actual business, it is best to prepare your beloved beard for the pampering that’s to follow. In order to extract optimal benefits from the herbal ingredients, it’s best to clear up the junk from the tresses as well as the skin lying beneath before applying the oil. Exfoliating before the massage will help opening the skin pores. Use a gentle exfoliator to eliminate the dead skin cells, rinse it with cold water. The ideal time to slop oil is when the hair is slightly damp. Pour a few drops on your palm, rub it and smooth it over your beard and moustache using your fingertips. Continue it for a few minutes and behold the magical effects.

Wrapping up the Article

Every relationship needs love and commitment for each other to flourish. So does your beloved beard. And beard oil is that much needed dose of tender care and affection it requires to become everything you want it to become. The incredible therapeutic and nourishing properties of the magical blend of rich natural oils helps you maintain the natural glow and flow of tresses as well as the skin lying beneath, which would otherwise suffers in silence.

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