Best Beard Wax – Picking the Right One for Your Beard

Growing a beard is one thing and turning it into a style statement is totally different. Beard can make you look like a homeless drug addict or a drop dead gorgeous alpha male, it all depends on how you choose to take care of it. Beard wax is an excellent beard grooming essential to keep those long whiskers and mustache from becoming unruly, ratty and totally not cool. The benefit of applying beard wax isn’t limited to holding the long whiskers in place. Extensive studies have proved that beard wax helps softening the hair follicles, thus making it healthier by appearance and soft to touch.

Men who take personal grooming very seriously know very well that the best way to keep up the rugged masculine look with a full-grown beard is to prevent the bush from forming curls and most veterans will recommend the use of a specially formulated beard wax to achieve a more polished look without making the hair stiff as rock. Taking care of long beard isn’t easy, it will itch, it will tickle your nostrils and it will get in your mouth at times. The ideal chemical to organic element ratio of a quality wax helps moisturizing the beard apart from adding a nice definition to it.

Best Beard Wax - Handpicked Choices

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Honest Amish

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Stache Bomb

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Professor Fuzzworthy's

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Wild Willie's

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Beard Balm Natural Leave

Beard Balm

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Leven Rose Beard Balm

Leven Rose

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Reviews of the Best Beard Wax of 2016

Honest Amish Original Beard Wax

Editor Rating:

The secret to the well-groomed, manly beard of the dandies of the golden era of beard wax could be summed up in one word-Amish Original Beard Wax.

Beard aficionados from ages have turned to this brand to give their beard an attractive look and a shiny texture. The Original recipe of Honest Amish includes organic oils, botanical additives, nut butter, fruit extracts and the basic beeswax.

The effectiveness of this recipe is as much about the right proportion of each component as it is about the selection of ingredients. The goodness of organic oils and fruit extracts deeply conditions the hair from root to scalp, giving it a nice glossy touch and velvety smooth feel. Its light to medium hold helps those stray hairs in place. The organic formula absorbs in the coarse hair easily and untangles the frizzy curls for a neater and tidier appearance.

Stache Bomb Stache Wax

Ariel Bath Platinum DA333F8

Editor Rating:

The famous Stache Bomb owes its origin to Portland, Maine. It was a brainchild of Jamin Badger who had a moment of epiphany when he realized that moustache wax isn’t really meant for beard. 

Badger’s homemade beard wax recipe’s popularity spread like wildfire in no time. Stache Bomb is basically a medium-hold wax made from soft pine scented beeswax. The tell-tale sign of a good beard wax is that it cake onto the hair or makes it greasy.

Stache Bomb Stache wax gels with the strands easily and enhances it with a fine definition. It helps taming the mane so that they don’t poke in your nose or mouth. Trained, pin-straight beard allows you to go creative with any beard style you want, without affecting the natural majestic flow of your robust, full-face beard.

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Gloss and Conditioner

Editor Rating:

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Gloss and Conditioner is a rare Australian beard wax for men with medium length stubble. It provides a light hold and the plethora of nourishing oils infused in the recipe aids frizzy tangles and split ends.

Fan boys love the manly aroma of the wax which comes from the mixture of leatherwood honey, organic olive oil and a dash of bio dynamic Tasmanian herbs.

The 100% natural ingredients help the wax absorb quickly in the shafts, unlike petrochemical wax that forms a thick, visible coating on the beard. The light hold keeps the facial hair presentable and cotton-soft, something your girlfriend will thank you for. Apart from controlling the stray whiskers, it also eliminates beard dandruff and skin irritation beneath the thick bush.

Mountaineer Beard 100% Natural Moustache Wax

Editor Rating:

Although the name of the product contradicts my earlier comment on the effectiveness of moustache wax on beard, exception proves the rule. Mountaineer Beard 100% Natural Moustache Wax is a rage among the tough and muscular mountain men of West Virginia. 

The wax formula contains almost double the amount of beeswax found in regular beard wax, thus, enabling it of a firmer hold on long, coarse and seemingly untamable facial hair.

People living off the grid such as mountaineers, hikers, adventure-sports enthusiast with a penchant for full-face beard are the ones to be most benefitted by this product. It is because the double wax concentration controls the stray hair even during extreme weather conditions. It’s nearly colorless tint scented with a wide array of essential and carrier oils is a welcoming feature for men with ginger or blond beard and moustaches.

Wild Willie’s Beard Butter

Editor Rating:

Beard Butter is a go-to solution for those with sensitive, rash-prone skin. The mixture of a number of organic oils, carrier oils, vitamin extracts and rich shea butter spreads all over the bushy beard and gets quickly absorbed by the scalp. 

The nourishing potion conditions the flay chin skin, curbs itching, dandruff, inflammation and various other skin and hair problems. Beard butter shields the delicate hair follicles against harmful UV rays. The 100% organic wax formula is best suited for slight hold on medium to long beard.

Beard Balm Natural Leave in Conditioner

Editor Rating:

Made in Detroit, Beard Balm has a soft beeswax base for gentle holding.

The powerful blend of multiple nourishing oils such as coconut oil, grape seed oil along with eucalyptus and geranium leaf extracts and lemon peel contains amazing conditioning and healing properties that helps regain and restoring the natural texture and health of facial hair as well as that of the skin lying beneath. The special Michigan beeswax balanced with lanolin rejuvenates split ends, opens the tangles, allowing the beard to stay at its place instead of flying in arbitrary direction, causing itching and irritation (not to mention acting as a complete women repellent)

Leven Rose Beard Balm

Editor Rating:

Leven Rose is a neutral tinted, unscented, chemical-free leave-in beard wax cum conditioner specially created for strong hold. The ingredients include shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax and candelilla wax. 

Extensive research have shown that unscented wax formulas deliver optimal benefit, especially if you’re attempting the herculean task of creating an impressive twist to your vagabond-like stressed out beard. Apart from replenishing fuzzy curls and unruly stray hair, the skin care qualities of the organic components helps combating dandruff issues, flakiness and itching. The beeswax to candelilla wax in the recipe is absolutely spot-on. It moisturizes and mildly stiffens the bristles at the same time, in order to give it a sculpture-like effect.

Benefits of Using Beard Wax

Beard wax contains a high concentration of beeswax which acts as the holding agent, along with nourishing essential oils and carrier oils such as eucalyptus oil, jojoba oil, cedar wood oil, pine needle oil etc. Some products might also contain lanolin which is also a holding substance like beeswax, derived from sheep’s wool. Meanwhile, the infusion of multiple essential oils formulates the concoction of beard balm as well. Wax is generally used for creating impressive beard and goatee styles and bringing the unruly whiskers under control while a balm helps sealing the natural essence of the hair to nourish its health. So, in a way, beard wax not only serves its own distinct purpose but also conditions the facial heard like a fine beard balm.

Beard Wax Options

There is a plethora of varieties of beard wax. Organic beard wax is the most recommended beard wax time by leading salon stylists as the formula contains little to no petrochemical. What’s better than the pure essence of nature to pamper your beard with? A lot of new brands have thrived in the market with their distinct recipes made from exotic herb and fruits extracts. These modern waxes are available in round or rectangular containers. For the record, waxes in tin containers are scientifically proved to be skin-friendly and they work best above room temperature.

However, traditionally formulated beard wax recipes do contain petrochemical in the form of either petrochemical jelly or mineral oil. Vintage products usually come in a tube. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals can trigger a couple of side effects which is why petrochemical waxes are almost obsolete today.

The benefit of choosing an organic product over a petrochemical-based wax isn’t limited to safer and better holding. While petroleum jelly only creates a moisture-resistant coating, organic ingredients penetrates the thick tresses, providing a deep scalp conditioning to add a fine texture to the hair.

Beard Wax Hold

Beard wax with very strong hold has a higher concentration of beeswax and resin or lanolin. In this case, the lesser the amount of wax, the weaker the hold. Traditional beard wax recipes include around an ounce of unscented petroleum jelly to provide superior hold to the ratty bristles. Resin adds a consistency to the formula.

Beard Wax Essential Oils

When you don’t shave or trim your beard for a long time, the tresses starts sprouting in arbitrary directions, making you look like a caveman. .while chemical-based waxes make the scalp greasy and flaky, causing skin irritation, essential oils like jojoba oil, peppermint oil, pine oil have healing properties that straightens the shafts from the roots, the whiskers eventually becomes trained, leaving a soft and supple feeling on the skin.

How to Use a Beard Wax

Prepare Your Beard

Use a mild soap or shampoo to give a quick clean-up o the beard and moustache. Dirt particles accumulated over the scalp and around the bristles wouldn’t allow 100% absorption of the essential oils. Cleaning the beard opens the clogged pores and thus creates a favourable condition for wax application. After proper cleaning, thoroughly towel dry the beard until it runs completely dry. The beeswax cannot function optimally on wet or damp hair.

Use a Beard Brush or Comb

Beard wax or any such grooming product works best when the beard is thoroughly combed. The best beard brush is always made of boar hair. The hair bristles help sealing the hair oil and distributing them uniformly all over the hair. If you want a more detailed styling, you can also opt for a beard comb which is relatively easier to handle than boar hair brush. Use the comb to part the hair on a regular basis in order to keep those whiskers from flying.

Applying the Wax

If you’re using an organic wax, read the label on the container carefully to know whether it works best above room temperature. If so, you may dip the closed tin into a mug of hot water for a minute or two but never ever make the mistake of using direct heat to the wax. If it’s a normal wax, scrape off a pea-sized amount with your forefinger. Estimate the amount you’ll require based on the length and density of your beard. Rub the wax back and forth on your palm until it gets warm and smooth in consistency.rub the wax on either sides of the face and comb it in any direction you want.

Removing Beard Wax

Removing the beard wax once in a while is just as important as applying it. If you don’t clean the wax, a wax build-up will occur which may log the skin pores. It’s best to avoid using an aggressive detergent-based soap for the job. For best results, use an oil or liquid-based beard wax remover and conditioner. Put a few drops of the formula on your palm and thoroughly coat the shafts. Allow the cleaner to rest for a few minutes to loosen the wax. It’s highly recommended that you allow the oil to soak in the bristles overnight for deep conditioning. In the morning, rinse the hair with lukewarm water.

The Final Word

Picking one product from so many tempting options is certainly a tricky task for guys who aren’t accustomed to beard wax. Wax is particularly essential for guys with thick, course facial hair that tends to become rough, unruly and curly with time. Even if one manages to buy the right item, applying it properly for the first time could seem confusing as hell. That’s when a comprehensive guide on anything and everything that concerns beard wax comes to rescue. With the best beard wax and correct application of it, donning the timeless classic or edgy modern look would be a walk in the park.

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