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Gone are the days when dense body hair was hailed as the ultimate sign of masculinity. I seriously have no idea as to how women found that cave men-like look attractive. Thankfully enough, for this generation, manliness doesn’t tantamount to hairy chest and legs. Over the years, the process of body hair grooming, or what is more fondly knows as manscaping, has gone through a revolution.

When you have a physique worth flaunting, it’s essential to have a clean shaven chest when you take off your shirt to show off well-chiselled body. Even if you don’t own a muscular body, keeping the male body hair to a standard length is something you shouldn’t shy off. I mean, look at the movie stars, fashion models, hunky athletes of this generation, they all have embraced the idea of sporting a clean shaven chest.

Body grooming is not limited to chest, it also involves removing hair from your armpits, legs, groin area, and pubic area. A regular facial hair shaving razor won’t simply suffice as a body groomer because it is not designed to access the different contours of your body, especially if you want to work on the area where the sun never shines. A regular razor can do a hell lot of mess to that extremely delicate spot. In this round-up on body hair groomers, I am going to highlight the characteristics that make one model better than the other, plus there will be my honest takes on some of top-selling products of the recent times.

Best Body Groomer - Handpicked Choices

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Reviewing the Best Body Groomers of 2016

Philips Norelco BodyGroom Series 3100 BG2034

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Norelco Groomers are delightfully skin-friendly, efficient and comfortable to use. This cool groomer comes with attachments for both trimmer and foil cutter, quickening up the time-consuming process of removing 

dense hair from a large part of your body. What truly makes BG2034 stand above the rest is its ability to tackle sensitive skin with tenderness. This is made possible by the hypo-allergenic foil and extra sensitive trimming comb. Shaving the pubic region and armpit is fairly secure with the Norelco BG2034. And with the amazing price this groomer can be grabbed for, the BG2034 Professional BodyGrooming System is something you’d be proud of purchasing.

Philips Norelco BodyGroom Series 7100 BG2040

Ariel Bath Platinum DA333F8

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Here comes another model from the brand’s flagship Norelco series. The 7100 range of body groomers is the best all-in-one groomer in this list. There’s a shaving head on one side and a trimmer fitted on another side of the groomer, saving you the cost of buying two separate tools for those purposes.

If the prospect of bringing your tender spot in contact with sharp blades scares the hell out of you, let me assure you that the fine foil spread over its shaving head can do the intricate job without leaving any nicks or irritation on your skin. The pearl tipped trimmer offers five different hair length settings to allow you have an experiment with your chest hair styling.

Remington PG525 Lithium Head to Toe Body Groomer

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Remington is a true-blue body groomer, featuring all the mandatory functions that account for a painless, enjoyable grooming experience. If you want a full-fledged shave of the forest on your chest, give this one a skip. 

PG525 is a primarily designed for trimming and that’s what it does the best. Its 8 length adjustable comb settings leave you with plenty of options on how long or short you want your body hair to be. If you’re intending to use it on facial hair as well, you’ll be glad to have the three beard and stubble combs that comes right along with the trimmer. That’s not all, there’s an attachment for nose and ear hair plucking too!

Panasonic Milano Series ER-GB40-S Hair and Body Trimmer

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Another all-inclusive, supremely versatile body groomer to make the cut. The Panasonic Milano Series is very hunky in appearance. This model is particularly designed for trimming, not close shaving

It can be employed effectively on area above the neckline, for your stubble and sideburns. It offers a length setting from 1 to 10 mm which is definitely a good bang for the money if you want a groomer for regular use. The unit is hassle-free to use in the shower and carry on the go, so that you can maintain your dashing debonair look wherever you go.

Braun Cruzer 6 Body Shaver

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Gillette, as the ad says, is the best a man can get. That’s something I won’t even deny. The Braun Cruzer 6 integrates Gillette’s unmatchable shaving quality with Braun’s state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. 

Cruzer is a fast and powerful trimmer cum shaver. What’s so special about that, huh? What if I say the tool does both at the same stroke? Stop gaping. The 5 blades arranged closely utilize Gillette’s wet shave Fusion system for smooth, hitch-free shaving experience. The teeth on the trimmer are very tiny, perfectly suitable for groin area and coarse facial hair.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler 3 in 1 Body Groomer

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If Braun Cruzer wasn’t appealing enough, here comes ProGlide Styler which also marks the synthesis of Gillette’s best-in-class shaving technology and Braun’s expertise. 

The 3 in 1 part comprises of trimming, shaving and edging. The shaving head glides over the surface like butter, giving the closest possible shave in one go. The practical housing design enables it to cruising over the different contours of the body, specially the vulnerable areas like lower part a breeze. The precision edging blade lets you eradicate the stray hair post shaving for a neater look.

Proper Ways of Body Grooming

For an uninitiated, body grooming is not easy as it sounds like. Shaving the beard and moustache is different, you can clearly see where you’re going. It involves shaving in areas beyond your eyesight. Uneven trimming subsequently cause bumps, rashes, ingrown hair and itchiness, leave aside nicks and cuts. Whether you want to a close shave or just basic trimming on the target areas depends on your personal preference. A solid body groomer does both. Having an electric body groomer makes this tricky job a lot easier.

Always begin the grooming process from the chest, because that is where the strands are the longest and densest. If you’re doing this for the first time, going bald might trigger irritation and itchiness. Instead, set a medium length setting on the trimmer. Run the razor across the contours of the chest in a swift pace, don’t rush the things up. For best results, shave in the reverse direction it grows in. This will help stray hairs to be plucked without having to put extra pressure.

After done with the chest area, gradually move onto the back and shoulder and legs. Follow the same rule as you did above, lift up the hair against the direction of the hair growth. It’s best to trim at a moderate length. Making it too short will cause sheer discomfort when the stubble grows. Finally, you come to the private area. Now it’s totally your call whether you want to groom that corner or not. I know some might get freaked out by the idea of moving sharp blades around the crotch, but with the right tool in hand, there’s is nothing to fear about.

It’s safer to start off with the longest length setting. Since you don’t want a direct contact between the crotch and the blade at the very beginning, it’s better to pivot the razor in the direction of the hair growth. Keep trimming until you reach to a satisfactory length. But before you get started with the grooming process, don’t forget to sanitize the area with proper soap or soothing lotion before and after shaving. Manscaping should be a part of your personal care routine, like facial hair shaving. After removing the hair, rinse your body thoroughly with fresh cold water. If you happen to feel any irritation, apply a mild moisturiser.​

What are the Types of Body Groomers?

Regular body hair groomers are the most primary types of groomers with no special feature. These equipments can be used on pretty much every part of the body, although I would strongly advise it to keep it away from your groin. For such delicate target areas, you might consider area-specific groomers that are exclusively designed to tackle specific areas of your body. For the private spots, you should be looking for a razor with hypoallergenic coating for reduced chances of skin irritation. There are lots of options for sideburns, moustache and chest hair shaving as well. Whichever type you choose, make sure it works fine under both wet and dry environments.

Qualities to Evaluate in a Body Groomer


When it comes to male body hair grooming, there are ample of features you should expect a model to have. The best body groomers incorporate a technology that helps you shape the hair at different lengths. The multiple length settings makes it easier for one to get access to hard to reach sections, especially legs and groin. Lower setting is particularly important for chest, armpit, back and legs. If want something more than just regular groomers, eye for a tool with a power burst button. With a single thumb-press of this tiny little button, you can accelerate the speed of shaving whenever you want. The shaving head of premium model should be made from hypoallergenic materials. You can also look for bi-directional cutting attachments that make shaving in either directions a cinch.

Ease of Use

The most solid body groomers out there are as much known for their ease of use as for the abundance of features. Trimming the body hair is a tricky affair because it involves shaving at places you can’t have a through view of, like the lower part of your body and back. You need a groomer that’s well-engineered to pluck the hair painstakingly with one pass, especially from highly sensitive surfaces. Waterproof unit makes it safer to use in the shower. Also, maintaining the device becomes incredibly easy as rinsing the blade with plain water is all you have to do. If you are a kind of person who travels frequently, buying a compact trimmer would be a great investment.

Power Source

Don’t forget to have a quick look at the power source of the groomer you’re planning to by. Battery-operated units are safer than electric ones, especially in the bathroom. It is because exposure to water does create the risk of electrocution. If it’s a battery-powered model, it should preferably be contain lithium ion batteries. They hold the energy for a longer period. On the downside, you have to charge the gadget every time before shaving, which is not the case with electric groomers. You just plug in and the razor oscillates for as long as you want it to.

Comb Setting

The larger the assortment of comb guides, the more versatile your body groomer is. The comb setting helps you get the exact hair length you want different parts of your body. Say, if you want a trim down to a moderate length on your legs and detailed shaving on your forest, the different comb settings will make that job simpler for you.


Most people have a set budget for body grooming kits, although it’s essential, it’s not something you’d need to spend prodigiously on. Look for a groomer with multipurpose applications. That’ll slash down the expense of buying extra equipments for specific areas. Nonetheless, don’t fall for the gimmicky advertisements of brands you’ve never heard of. Purchasing products from a well-known brand can be easily trusted with your skin. If you research a bit, it’s no herculean task to find a cool trimmer packed with features at affordable rates.

Quality of performance

It’s not worth your time or money if it doesn’t deliver desired results in fewer attempts without compromising on the speed or comfort level. The best body grooming models pull the hair without letting you go through any pulling sensation. The design of the housing should be compact enough to fit perfectly in your hand.

The Final Word

Body grooming is no longer looked down upon as an effeminate thing. Most women at any corner of the globe prefer a clean shaved, tidy chest over shag carpets. There are several other methods of removing body hair such as waxing and applying hair removal creams, but each has its own share of perks. In comparison to those, using an electric or battery-powered hair trimmer, exclusively designed for body hair is a way less meticulous and painful method for body grooming.

Picking out the best body groomer when options are so varied and tempting can be one hell of a daunting task. Hope this guide comes handy when you’re in the store in search of that perfect groomer. Chow!

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