Best Electric Head Shaver in 2017 – Carefully Crafted Guide

Sporting a bald look is totally in these days. Not every man has the guts to shave off the entire head and pull of an unconventional look. There are tons of people every year complaining of hair loss in their adulthood. Shaving the head, in that case, is a way better idea than having a half bald head. No matter why you want to get bald, the moot point is, how are you planning to do it? Employing a razor all over the scalp isn’t a cakewalk if you’re doing it on your own. The best electric head shaver makes the task two times easier. It does the same job as a regular razor, but with much more precision and speed.

Buying the best electric shaver is full of benefits. Neither there’s any hazard of ingrown hair or nicks, nor need you to deal with the mess of shaving cream or gel. These devices are rechargeable and can be safely used in the shower. Although all electric head shavers serve the same purpose, there are certain qualities that distinguish one model from another. Without proper research, you’re most likely to end up purchasing something you won’t be able to use for long. Reputed brands are always thriving to bring the best electric technology at your finger tips. Before you jump to a decision, you have to know how the device actually works, what are the options and every in between.

Best Electric Head Shaver - Handpicked Choices

Reviews of the Best Electric Head Shavers of 2016

Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart

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Skull shaver is a custom made electric shaver, having the best-in-class shaving technology merged with spectacular housing and maximum comfort of use. Eagle Smart is only meant for shaving the head area. 

Its wide swirling shaver surface has various contours that glide smoothly across the scalp. The big head covers a large portion of the head, making impactful cutting with each pass. The rotary blade system moves on the skin in circular motion, emptying a copious head in just a couple of minutes.

The unit draws its power from a motor capable of creating 10,500 rotations per minute! The dynamic motor speed is what raises Skull Shaver above the rest. Moreover, it features 5 rotary cutters for closest possible shaving, leaving no stray hair on your scalp. If you’re using an electric shaver for the first time, manoeuvre the shaving head slowly around the surface, putting minimal pressure in order to avoid redness.

Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro

Ariel Bath Platinum DA333F8

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If somebody bothers to write the history of hair grooming kits for men, the name of Philips Norelco series is sure to be encrypted in golden ink in it. 

It won’t be an exaggeration to conclude that Norelco personal care products has the most impressive collection of grooming equipments, ranging from nose hair trimmers, body groomers to area-specific groomers like epilators and bikini trimmers. State-of-the-art design and cutting edge technology is the backbone of Norelco Hair Clipper Pro.

The biggest highlight of the product is the dial placed on the head which lets you to choose from more than 24 different trimming lengths, varying from the lowest 0 mm setting for full head shaving to 5/8 inch, helping you to accomplish the hair style of your dream. The 180 degree rotating head makes each and every corner of the head easily accessible. For precise shaving, set a particular angle by rotating the head and you’re good to go.

Braun Series 7-790cc

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A comprehensive list of the best electric head shavers is incomplete without mentioning the winner from the previous year. Braun Series 7-790cc is an affordable hair grooming gadget, filled with practical features for smooth, risk-free shaving.

This high performance unit integrates a unique intelligent pulsonic technology which produces around an unbelievable 10,000 micro vibrations every single minute. It helps the shaving head capture maximum hair in one pass. Talking of the shaving head, it too has a touch of novelty. To deal with the different contours of a man’s head, it uses a contour adaptive shaving head that readily adapts to the various contours on its own for optimum impact.

Panasonic ARC3 Electric Razor ES-RT97-S

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Panasonic Arc3 is an all-inclusive electric head shaver designed to handle facial hair with equal care. While the stylish metallic finish makes it an eye-candy, the casing is solid enough to last for years, no matter if you happen to drop it a couple of times. 

Its patented MicroArc technology, coupled with a wet/dry foil cutter makes the shaving experience trouble-free, resulting in a neat and tidy look.

Trimming the hair comes handy when you’re about to deal with long hair. With Arc3, you don’t have to reach out for a separate trimmer as the same handset can act as a trimmer on demand. A foil shaver, as I have already discussed beforehand, is the best when it comes to clean shaving. Apart from the tempting specifications, Panasonic Arc3 is incredibly easy to maintain, you just have to rinse the device under running water and nothing else.

Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 (AT830/46)

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To be honest, all the Norelco series head shavers I had picked for my test were excellent performers. The main reason why Shaver 4500 made it to the list alongside QC5580/40 is the dual-purpose razor that looked highly promising to me. 

For those willing to get the best of a beard trimmer and a head shaver in one model, Norelco Shaver 4500 should definitely be in your wish list.

The three-blade shaving head design draws both long and short hair closely for effortless shaving. It utilises Norelco’s proprietary Pivot Flex and Float and Lift and Cut systems to slide the razor across the different contours of your face and head like butter. The battery is quickly rechargeable and delivers a battery life up to 50 minutes.

Panasonic ES-LA63-S ARC4 Men’s Electric Shaver

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The motor housed in ARC4 rakes up a terrific speed, thanks to its 14,000 RPM capacity, which is faster than any other moderately priced electric head shaver. The fast motor drive speed helps tackling thick and coarse hair without having to shed much sweat. 

It incorporates a 4-blade cutting system, among which only 3 blades are visible from the outside and the remaining one performs as an inner blade, taking care of longer strands of hair. This top-ranked model from Panasonic uses its exclusive ARC4 shaving system that devises micro-thin foils to lift the flat-lying hair upright for single-stroke shaving. It’s always advised that you begin with the clean shaving after trimming shortly using a clipper.

How to Choose the Best Electric Head Shaver

There are a number of features you need to examine carefully in your pursuit to find the best electric head shaver for your individual needs. Over the period of time, shaving the head has evolved into an art of hair dressing. Whether you wish to keep short hair or get a typical full bald look or something experimental like Mohawk, it’s all in your hands. Say goodbye to the barber’s shop. While it’s true that the expert hands of a barber with his sharp razor in hand can produce the finest shaving, it doesn’t leave much room for experiment with style. Plus, convenience is a major issue with manual razors, which is when electric shaver gets the extra cookie.

Unless manhandled, nothing can go wrong with a compact electric head shaver, unlike in more complicated use cases like when shaving your pubic hair. Evaluating the product specifications of a gadget is a mandatory part of purchasing. People totally unfamiliar to these devices are sure to have a hard time deciphering the words provided by the manufacturer. To ease out the things for you, I have tried explaining some of the primary features in a nutshell, in a language you would understand.

Types of Electric Head Shavers

Foil Cutter

A foil razor is basically a thin layer of metal cover on the blade that draws the hair strands closer to the blade for clean shaving. The foil has several tiny slots spread all over through which the hair passes. This type of razor is best suited for silky straight hair and sensitive skin type. If you desire the closest possible shaving, look for a shaver with foil razor.

Rotary Cutter

A rotary razor rotates around the scalp in a circular motion, removing hair in and opposite the direction of their growth. It’s more convenient to reach the hard-to-reach corners with this kind of shaver. Rotary shavers are specifically designed for coarse and thick hair. If you want to keep a light stubble instead of going full bald, rotary razor is just the right option for you.

Skin Type

Not every shaver is suitable for sensitive skin type. In the similar way, equipments specifically created to handle soft skin will have a tough time cleaning coarse hair. It’s extremely critical to ensure that the cutter removes bulk amount of hair in one stroke, so that you don’t have to apply the razor on the same area again and again. If your skin is prone to rashes or redness, look for a model with length setting options (which most standard shavers have). It helps you choose whether you want a close shave or leave a stubble.

Power Source

Most electric shavers these days are cordless. It zeroes the hassle of plugging in and applying the method in a corner close to the power socket. The cordless ability adds a lot of flexibility to the user. The units are mostly rechargeable and run by lithium ion batteries. Any high range model will offer the battery back of 70 to 90 minutes. Batteries used in mid-budget models can last up to 50 minutes while the cheaper alternatives will give you a hard time while shaving. The longer the battery life, the more you’ll be able to work on detailing without having to put the gadget on charge time and again.

How much time it consumes to charge fully is also a big factor to consider. It goes without saying that the best electric shavers are done charging within an hour. If cordless models are beyond your budget or you are not likely to be satisfied with the power output, corded shaver is your thing. Once you plug in, it runs on for hours and doesn’t stop until you manually switch it off. Corded units rake up way more force than battery-powered units. However, the limited length of the cord constraints your hand movement, add to that, you cannot use it while travelling. So, if you’re keen on buying on, make sure at least that the cord isn’t too short.

Electric Shaver Maintenance

Maintaining your shaver appropriately ensure long lifespan of the grooming tool. Nobody ever wishes to spend several minutes behind rinsing the blades. Electric shavers aren’t necessarily submergible unless it’s waterproof. Keep an eye for a product which can be safely washed under running water. In case the method differs, you’ll need lubricants and cleaning brush to oil the blades and tick off the cut hair from the shaving head after every use.

Some Words of Wisdom

Using an electric shaver is all about optimal comfort and safety. If it wasn't the case, you might as well have gone to a barber with a straight razor for shaving your head and possibly returned home with an infection. Before getting started with the handset, remember to read the instruction given by the manufacturer. The process begins with preparing yourself for the shaving. Experts recommend to rinse the hair thoroughly, preferably with hot water, as it softens the hair follicles.

What kind of look you’ll prefer determines whether you’ve to shave daily or once in a week or month, totally up to you. Men willing to appear suave and tidy any time of the day should include it in his daily personal grooming routine. These head shavers can be effectively manoeuvered over beard, sideburns, moustache and chest hair as well for complete manscaping.

Wrapping up the Electric Head Shaver Saga

The prospect of going completely bald wasn’t embraced happily by the men brigade up until some of the most powerful international celebrities started carrying off their whole new bold and rugged avatar. While the smoothness of cutting provided by a good old razor is incomparable, electric shavers have become a must-have personal grooming kit for people who take personal care very seriously. The ace manufacturers understand that people prioritize comfort and performance over everything else. Keeping that in mind, I have narrowed the choices above to help you come up with an informed decision without bombarding the web world.

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