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Ever envied those girls naturally blessed with super silky, long and straight Rapunzel-like hair? Yeah, me too! Hair straightening is a serious task and without the right tool, your hair can well go “boing” in an instant. Design and functionality-wise, flat iron can be divided into various categories, each has its own specialty and suitable for a particular hair type and size. This article means to be a how-to guide on simply anything and everything you need to know about these tools before purchasing one. I am assuming that most of you who have taken the pains to read this piece have limited knowledge on flat irons. Don’t give the gimmicky brands take advantage of this.

Much like curling irons, there are several different types of flat irons with multiple utilities to overwhelm when you browse through the e-shopping sites or brick-and-mortar stores. If you aren’t in grasp of the basic functionality and technical aspects of one, the product description would seem like a hieroglyphic script. On the other hand, it would be easier for you to pick a product right within your budget loaded with essential plus extra useful features to make your hair smoothening experience a smooth ride. Otherwise, you must just miss the best value for money deals present right in front of your eyes.

Best Flat Iron- Handpicked Choices

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Reviewing the Best Flat Iron Models of 2016

BaBylissPro Nano Ultra Thin 1”

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This product deserves a place in your personal grooming arsenal if you’re someone like me who wants to look good but lacks the patience for grooming.

Girls with several feet long hair find it most difficult to style it. BaBylissPro Nano Ultra Thin comes with a 1” wide plate that effectively flattens long mane twice faster than any regular flat iron. This is a great relief for women whose profession demands them to look presentable every morning. Good thing don’t end here. BaBylissPro Nano acts equally well as a waving and curling iron. The product specs worth highlighting are 50 heat settings and a 5 inch extension plate. Those who dare to let their freak flag fly should definitely have a glance at this model.

Ghd Classic Styler 1”

Ariel Bath Platinum DA333F8

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This multi-award winning hair straightening tool is an all-in-one solution for all hair lengths and types. Its one-of-a-kind dual voltage iron turns hot in less than a minute and automatically adjusts the heat level according to the combination of length and texture of your hair. 

The 9 feet long cord doesn’t forces you within a short radius around the power outlet, a feature praised highly by every customer who has reviewed this product. If you have lost all hopes of rejuvenating your frizzy, rough and unruly tresses, ghd Classic Styler 1” would help you restore your faith in technology. The superior craftsmanship, best-in-class ergonomics and practical features ensure the hair remains pin straight even in 90% humidity for an extended time.

TS-2 Millennium Professional

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The unconventional shape and design of this model readily captures your attention. 

But what really makes TS-2 stand far above the rest is the ultra-smooth titanium plate teamed up with rapid heat settings and heat recovery, aiding curly, coarse and damaged hair easier to transform into a majestic flow of beautiful, pin-straight, silky smooth hair. Titanium plates are generally used in designing higher-end models, costing you quite a moolah but on the brighter side, titanium plates heat up in seconds, deliver consistent heat and distribute it uniformly all around the hair for better frizz fighting and straightening. The wide structure provides enough room for thick and long hair to be attended with utmost care.

Bio Ionic Onepass

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Bio Ionic Onepass belongs to the class of the most up-to-date flat iron models of current times. Its groundbreaking five-second heat-up technology has given many other upscale brands a good run for the money. 

There are plenty of different heat settings which can be switched conveniently depending on what kind of hair you’re working on. The 1.5 inches straightening plates provides a large area for accomplishing satisfactory results with a single pass. Consistent heat generation and even distribution around the shaft helps sealing the natural moisture of the shaft in order to make it appear healthy and voluminous.

Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic 1″

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Sedu Revolution has build up a huge fan base for itself with their unsurpassable performance and innovation in both technology and design. This tourmaline plated model is perhaps the fastest iron plate to be caught in my radar. 

Its super-smooth, scratch resistant, curved edge tourmaline plates infused with ceramic revives dull hair helps you achieve pin-straight, gorgeously smooth hair 5 times faster than average flat irons. Modern infrared technology facilitates even heating and locks the natural essence of your hair to give it a healthier, sleeker and softer appearance.

CHI Original Pro 1” by Farouk

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This model is made from superior quality ceramic, used by many leading hair stylists around the globe. Creations like CHI are profusely used for hi-key styling, thanks to its ability to add a fine texture to the tresses apart from just straightening it. Girls who prefer taking the charge of their own hair style are sure as hell to fall in love with this multi-specialty iron tool. 

The unit can produce up to 392 degree Fahrenheit, hot enough to attend very thick and coarse shafts with great attention and the best part is-the straightening remains effective all day long even in extreme dry or humid weather.

Categories of Flat Iron Based on Material

Tourmaline Flat Iron

Tourmaline crystal is widely regarded as the most heavy-duty and durable materials for flat irons. The material catches the heat quickly and at the same time, doesn’t overheat the delicate shafts. Being naturally ionized, tourmaline plates lock the natural moisture of the hair, instead of leaving it dry. High heat ensures effective treatment with every single pass, without letting you go through any pulling sensation. As an end result, you get beautiful, smooth and glossy hair you’ve always fancied.

Titanium Flat Iron

Flat iron plates made from premium quality titanium have simply no comparison when it comes to flattening any type or length of hair. Unlike other metals, its applicability doesn’t have limitations. It allows for multiple levels of heat settings and other essential features that render them as the best flat irons money can buy. If limited budget isn’t bothering you, blindly go for a titanium flat iron for professional-level hair treatment without spending unnecessary money and time in a salon.

Ceramic Flat Irons

Most medium to high end flat iron models are created from ceramic. Budget-friendly price and stunning capability to straighten fine, wavy and curly hair to perfection are the chief reasons behind its massive popularity. Ceramic irons also scores excellent as a frizz fighter. The ceramic plate, enhanced with ionic technology, seals the natural moisture and essence of the hair instead of sapping it away to make you hair look healthy, voluminous, smooth and supple, suitable for any hair style you want.

Ionic Flat Irons

Ionic technology is by far the most advanced hair straightening technologies invented this date. Ionic flat irons impart high temperature and the wide iron plate covers a thick portion with each pass. Excessive heat output generated by non-ionic flat irons increases the possibility of hair damage. Therefore, I would recommend to choose an advanced model like this only if you’re to deal with thick, coarse, super-curly tresses. This kind of hair requires aggressive straightening for which an ionized equipment is a perfect fit. After completing the styling process, you’ll notice a drastic change in the texture of the hair, it will turn smoother, shinier and more manageable than it ever used to be.

A Comprehensive Guide to Choose the Best Flat Iron

Know your Hair Type

In all probability, opting for a random, fancy product without the basic idea on how it works will land you deep trouble in the long run. It is because everyone is born with different hair types. In the following discussion, I will elaborate the effects of various flat irons on different kinds of hair.

For Thin, Curly Hair

If your natural hair takes after ringlets of fine hair, you should keep an eye open for models made with titanium or tourmaline blade, featuring a multiple temperature settings. Flat irons having all these qualities help you adjust the appropriate heat that’ll gently take care of your unruly curls.

For Thick, Curly Hair

The model you should seek out for an ionized model that also offers a high temperature (ranging from 300 to 400 degree F). Low to medium heat won’t be able to rake up sufficient heat to flatten coarse locks. Ionized models configured a high temperature not only prevents you from frying the curls but also helps retaining the natural moisture of the hair even after straightening to keep it velvety smooth and soft as flower petals.

For Thin, Straight Hair

Fine, straight hair is extremely prone to frizzing and split ends, trust me I know the struggle is real. You will fry the thin hair with a high output. If you want your flat iron to be a two-in-one solution for both frizzy and unmanageable hair, look for a ceramic model that can be customised to suit the specific density and texture of your mane.

For Coarse, Straight Hair

If you’re a girl with a copious head of dense, long and slightly wavy hair, you might consider a product offering a higher heat setting, plus a wide, ultra-smooth plate to distribute the heat uniformly among each portion of the hair.

Flat Iron Temperature

The right temperature of a flat iron plate is the key to acquire a perfectly straightened hair. All the (hypothetically) best flat iron models do have this one feature in common, that is adjustable heat settings. It helps you select the appropriate temp. Suitable for your particular hair type, length and texture. Women with long and thick hair should focus upon models capable of reaching a high heat level (around 350-400 degree F) as coarse hair demands vigorous straightening in order to impart equal attention each portion of hair.

Low to medium heat setting (ranging between 180 to 360 degree F) is best for finer hair. Anything above that might crate horrific consequences for your fragile hair follicles. Heating source is another crucial aspect to examine. If you already have damage-prone hair, make sure the model you’ve set your eyes on generates consistent infrared heat as it gently warm the diaphanous strands to minimize dryness and damage.


Long irons with a thin, clamped straightening plate are very easy to maneuver on thick and short hair. The medium length model featuring a wide plate are perfect for straightening longer hair since the width of the plate provides maximum coverage with each attempt along with a taut grip which makes taming long, ratty, unmanageable and frizzy hair easy.

Plate Size

Try getting your head around the usefulness of different plate sizes on different hair lengths and textures during your hunt for the best flat iron for your versatile styling needs. Plates measuring somewhere around 1.5”-3” inches is recommended for long and thick hair of curly or coarse nature. Anything around 1.25-2 inches makes the cut for short to medium length hair of normal, curly, thick or coarse texture. However, if you’re purchasing a model for professional use, the best option for you will be a plate sizing between 1-1.5 inches. It is a universal plate size for hairs of all lengths and textures.


Opting for a hulking styling tool won’t be a smart move unless you’re a highly trained professional with strong, muscular arms. Otherwise straightening the hair would be one hell of a tedious job. DIY users should rather emphasis upon lightweight, compact equipments that are easy to apply thoroughly on each strand, suitable for everyday use.


Choosing the right styling tool isn’t a child’s game and finding the best is even more complicated. What might prove to be a great iron for thick, coarse shaft might not be a fine choice for finer hair. There are a host of aspects such as width, temperature, flat iron construction material and ergonomics that play a defining role in the performance of the device. Being brand conscious isn’t a bad thing but over-fixation one particular brand name might make you overlook plenty of other promising products at a much lower price. Internet has a deep influence on your decision making, so, make sure you procure the information from reliable sources before jumping to any conclusion.

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